Registrar General Practice  Training
Maffra Medical Group in association with Eastern Victorian General Practice Training, support doctors who are specialising in general practice.  Registrar doctors are placed in the practice for 6 month terms, and can remain in the practice for 18 months.

Gippsland Rural Intern Training Program
From time to time Maffra Medical Group hosts interns who are taking part in the Gippsland Rural Intern Training Program. These doctors have graduated from medical school, and are in their first year of post-medical school training. Maffra Medical Group will often host 5 interns per year, who will each remain at the practice for 10 week blocks. Interns are well supported and supervised and will see patients using a ‘Parallel consulting model’. If you are have an appointment with an intern, you will also be seen by one of our General Practitioners.



Medical Students
Maffra Medical Group in association with Monash University Rural School of Medicine, supports medical students within the practice. The doctors practice as clinical teachers.  Year 4C medical students are placed in the practice for the academic year. Year 2 & 3 students  are offered observation placement and attend for a day only.

As a patient you may be offered an appointment to see a Year 4C student prior to your consultation with the GP, or you may be advised there is a student sitting in on the GPs consultations.  If at any time you do not wish to participate please feel free to advise our reception staff.

Medical Students are bound by the same ethical standards regarding confidentiality as your doctor.