Travel Medicine
When planning an overseas trip it is important to gain accurate information with regard to immunisations needed for the countries being visited, together with preventative advice.

Please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your individual requirements as early as possible in your travel preparations.  This is to ensure that sufficient time is allowed to receive all the necessary immunisation.

Health Screening
Screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, skin cancer and many other conditions is available.  Discuss with our doctors what screening is appropriate for you.

Women's Health
Family Planning, cervical screening, contraceptive advice, menopause advice and other women’s health services are provided by our team.

Men's Health
We provide comprehensive and preventive care to men of all ages.

Child and Adolescent Health
We are a family practice and provide care for babies, children and youth.

Surgical and Other Procedures
A range of surgical procedures are performed on site.  Some of these include surgical removal of moles, lumps and bumps, wedge resection of ingrown toe nails and treatment of skin cancers.  Liquid nitrogen or electrical diathermy is available to treat skin lesions such as warts and papillomas.

A glucometer is available for instant blood sugar level testing.

Blood testing for Warfarin levels (INR) is available at the practice.

Cardiographs (ECG) are also performed.


Immunisations – Childhood and Adult
The Commonwealth Government funds vaccines, as documented in the Australian Standard Vaccine Schedule:

Appointments for childhood immunisations are charged at a  non-fundable fee at Maffra Medical Group.  Annual influenza and Pneumococcal clinics are conducted in May/June.  These immunisations are recommended for anyone with a chronic illness such as heart or lung disease, asthma, diabetes and anyone over the age of 65 years.

Telephone Contact
Patients can obtain advice related to their clinical care by telephone.  Doctors will always take urgent calls, however to minimise interruptions, non-urgent calls may have to be returned at a later time.

Home Visits
If you feel you need a home visit, please let us know as early as possible.  Remember a house call takes us more time than a surgery consultation and not all facilities are available during house visits.

Reminder Messages
Reminder SMS or letters are sent to patients.  Please advise your doctor if you do not want your name on the register.

Repeat Prescriptions
A consultation is normally required for a repeat prescription in order to monitor the medication you are taking.  Only in certain circumstances and when previously arranged by one of the doctors can a prescription be given without a consultation.  There is a charge for repeat prescriptions.  If possible please give us 48 hours notice.

Certain categories of prescriptions may require longer notice.

Repeat Referrals
A consultation with the doctor is required for an initial referral to medical specialists or for tests.  This is to enable your doctor to provide appropriate and up to date medical information to the specialist.  It is also preferable that you make an appointment to see your doctor to renew referrals.  It is illegal to issue back dated referrals.

Sickness and Other Certificates
Please request these documents at the time of your consultation if needed.

Test Results
It is preferable to have a follow-up consultation with your doctor to obtain and discuss results of tests and any further action that may be required.

There are no steps from the street to the entrance and the doors are wide enough to allow wheel chair access.  A wheel chair is available and the practice nurse will assist in transporting patients from their cars to the doctor’s room if requested.  Disabled toilet facilities are available.

Drugs of Dependence
Strong painkillers and sedatives which would be considered drugs of dependence are not routinely prescribed at Maffra Medical Group. These include medications such as opiates and benzodiazepines. The prescription of these medications will be based on a number of factors which your treating doctor will assess on a case by case basis.

If you are a new patient, prescriptions for drugs of dependence will not be provided during your first consultation.