Maffra Medical Group is a private-billing practice. We ask that accounts be settled at the time of consultation.  An accounting fee of $10 is charged on unpaid accounts.  For your convenience, EFTPOS is available. Patients are responsible for all legal costs incurred in the recovery of bad debts. If you have an account query or require advice on medical fees, please contact our Practice Manager.

Bulk Billing
DVA Gold Card Pensioners are bulk billed for all services.

Patients  whose sole source of income is from a Centrelink Concession Card are bulk billed for in hours clinic consultations except for the first visit, procedural services, immunotherapy and home visits. Full concession card patients, who have a chronic disease, are requested to attend 3 times a year for management planning.  These required attendances will ensure bulk billing of other in hours consultation services throughout the year.

A private fee is charged for out of hours consultations, immunotherapy, home visits, materials and procedures. Medicare regulations do not allow bulk billing if a gap is charged.  Therefore you will need to claim the rebate from Medicare.

Other holders of health care cards are not routinely bulk billed.

List of Fees
Valid from 1 July 2022

DescriptionBulk Billed PatientsPrivate PatientsMedicare Rebate
In Hours Standard Surgery ConsultationBulk Billed$99.00$39.75
In Hours Standard Surgery Consultation
Pay on the Day
Bulk Billed$89.00$39.75
In Hours Long Surgery ConsultationBulk Billed$136.20$76.95
In Hours Long Surgery Consultation
Pay on the Day
Bulk Billed$126.20$76.95
In-hours Home Visit$92.60$117.60$67.60
After Hours Surgery Consultation or Home Visit$162.25$187.25$137.25
Immunotherapy (as part of monthly clinic)$89.00$89.00$39.75
Immunotherapy (outside of monthly clinic)$129.00$129.00$39.75
Saturday out of pocket fee - $49.25


Fees for dressings and materials
A fee for materials, such as dressings may be charged in addition to the consultation fee. Maffra Medical Group charges separately for items required to dress a wound, for the purpose of cost recovery.

Patients are welcome to purchase appropriate dressings directly from their pharmacy of choice if they prefer to do so.

Due to Medicare legislation regarding the charging of private fees, patients who are normally bulk billed will be charged the rebate amount for the consultation rather than being bulk billed. Medicare will refund the rebate amount directly to the patient, so there will not be an out of pocket expense for the consultation fee.  An out of pocket cost will be incurred for the cost of the materials used, such as dressings. This fee is to be paid in full at Reception upon conclusion of the visit.

Childhood Immunisations as per the National Immunisation Program
This service is provided by a Nurse Immuniser for a fee of $40.

Procedural Services
Out of pocket fees apply.  For further information please ask our reception staff.

Non Attendance Fee
A fee of $40 applies for non attendance.